War Destruction and Hell

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War! What is it good for? Really, what is war good for?

War! What is it good for? Really, what is war good for?

War we all heard it said many many times, war is eminent, war is coming, why war happens in the first place. Who starts war and for what purposes does a country, nation or a person want to go to war? What does war accomplish when it is waged upon those to whom you want to fight. There is a song that say's "war what is it good for, absolutely nothing". Is war good or is war bad? Maybe war is good for some purposes, it all depends on the intent of the parties who want to engage in war.

When someone who wants to engage in war, do they count the cost or war? Because war has a high cost, not only in dollars and cents. War's high costs are blood and guts, lives lost, families destroyed mentally, physically, emotionally long after the war has been waged and finished. These costs remain for many many years later and who pays for these emotional scars that will never ever go away. Easy to say these three little words, let's go to war, but are you or I willing to truly pay the costs of war?

Kings, Rulers and Presidents, have waged war throughout the ages, since the beginning of time, and there seems to be no end of war in sight. Some using war to conquer other people and nations, others because of greed wanting more, some just for their benefit to control and show their power. Other nations using war, because they believe that other countries or nations are a threat to their way of life, which is different from theirs. Even the great ruler above the heaven's has used war to destroy, many nations, countries and those who he consider was doing evil in his sight, because of the way people lived their lives were not according to his liking.

War is define as a armed conflict between countries, nations, states or groups of people who disagree with one another. These disagreements could be anything, from minor events as someone crossing a imaginary line in the sand, breaking previously negotiated treaties, to a all out total attack from one country crossing into another country for more land or territory.

Costs of war is very high, you have to take into account the many lives that are going to be lost to war. Many individuals who are participating in the fighting will come home maimed or mangled for the rest of their lives. The costs to take care of the many hundreds to thousands of people who were injured in the war campaign. Our government states that it will pay for these individuals who suffered from the war campaign, and their hospitalization. The hospitalization care costs of the wounded and maimed to care for will be enormous.

What about those family members of those injured, they are not equipped to receive their love ones return so badly damaged and maimed or mangled. where is the support for the family members, they have no clue or training, as to what it's going to take, to care for a injured love one. This takes a psychological total on the families for the rest of their lives as well. Has that cost ever been, included when Kings, Rulers or Presidents make the decision to go to war.

War is brutal for everyone involved, there are really no winners on both sides of the aisles. For the losers of the war, they will feel defeated, demoralized and anger. For the winners of the war, they will feel emotionally up beat, happy and ready to celebrate a victory, but after the euphoria wears off, the will feel emotionally drain, apprehension of the case or cause of the war. The financial costs of the war, when added up, always exceed the conservative estimates that people say it would costs to go to war.

War begins for many reason, hate, money, territory, or just plain greed, anything could cause a nation, country or person to go to war. We have to find solutions, that could work for everyone everywhere regardless of where they live, or what they believe then maybe we could one day live in peace and avoid war.

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